Advice to businesses suffering the consequences of Covid-19

6 Apr, 2020

Dear friends, colleagues and clients,

Many of you have local businesses and suffer the consequences of this state of emergency. But on the other hand, we also have to admit that even before this state of emergency several companies were already starting to experience difficulties. 

Your business might suffer directly from the actual situation and you might be facing bankruptcy procedures, or maybe your client is struggling with a situation of bankruptcy and you are suffering the consequences of the economic vulnerability of your client. 

“These kinds of situations require professional and accurate legal assistance.”

Our commercial department can help you to deal with the difficulties you are struggling with, or we can advise how to react in similar situations you might face in the near future. We have experience with advising companies in bankruptcy proceedings and we are a registered bankruptcy administrator who can act in cooperation with the Commercial Court.

We can guarantee you the best defense and the best advice for bankruptcy proceedings caused by the economic consequences of Covid-19.

What can we offer you?

  • We can manage to obtain loans from financial entities for companies and for people who are self-employed, in order to ensure the continuity of your commercial activity.
  • We prepare feasibility plans necessary to obtain these kinds of loans.
  • For companies facing insolvency (for not being able to pay their debts on time) it has been approved, as an exceptional measure during this period of state of emergency, that the company or the person who is self-employed doesn’t have the duty to request the declaration of insolvency to the Commercial Court. In our opinion it is always better to prepare this request in case the presentation will be necessary after the state of emergency.
  • For companies already dealing with bankruptcy proceedings we offer advice on possibilities to demand ERTE and other measures applicable for their situation.
  • Advice to capital companies (under the terms of articles 40 and ss, given by DF 13 RD-law 11/2020) on new ways of holding general shareholders’ meetings, boards of directors or delegated committees, which affect the operation of a commercial company.

We all know that for the near future the economic situation is uncertain, but proactive, diligent and effective decisions & actions will make the difference for your business.

We are at your disposal to offer you our experienced professional advice.

Protect your business. ALL YOU NEED IS LAW.